HistoGenetics is the global leader in HLA sequence based typing (SBT). Our high-tech facilities in the New York metropolitan area serve patients in the US, Europe, and all over the world. See our labs

As a pioneer in HLA sequence based typing, we’ve provided millions of cost effective HLA SBT for donor registries, pharmacogenomics, donor centers, cord blood typing, transplant centers, and HLA laboratories. Because SBT is the gold standard for HLA typing, we can also find new and rare alleles missed by other methods.

Through a proprietary process developed by Dr. Soo Young Yang and Dr. Nezih Cereb, HistoGenetics provides high- and low- throughput molecular tissue typing services. The latest state-of-the-art robotics and bioinformatics technology allow us to emphasize extremely high quality and fast turnaround times for results at a very competitive price. Learn about our services

About the founders

Dr. Soo Young Yang, Chairman and founder, pioneered development of biochemical and molecular typing methods for HLA at the Biochemical and Molecular Immunogenetics Laboratory at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. With over 35 years of extensive research and experience in HLA genetics, Dr. Yang has created invaluable reagents and informatics for biochemical and molecular typing of HLA that have contributed significantly to the field of human immunogenetics. This internationally recognized expertise forms the foundation of HistoGenetics’ advanced technologies and services. Download Dr. Yang’s CV

Dr. Nezih Cereb, CEO and co-founder, has been a long-time associate of Dr. Yang, with whom he has played a key role in elucidating the HLA-Class 1 intron sequences that made HLA-class 1 DNA typing feasible. Dr. Cereb is an expert in introducing, integrating and implementing diverse technologies for HLA typing and has made high volume, high throughput and high resolution HLA-SBT a reality. His proven abilities stem from a diverse background in clinical medicine, particularly bone marrow transplantation and basic and applied immunogenetics research. Download Dr. Cereb’s CV

Key statistics

  • Number of SBT performed

  • Total new alleles submitted

  • 10,380,861

  • 2,930

Certification information

  • 03-1-NY-26-2

  • 33D0985173