Everything you need to know about HLA testing: Why do we test for HLA? What regions do we test and match for in HLA? What other regions could routinely be tested for in HLA? What are Null Alleles and Common and Well Defined (CWD) Null Alleles? Can we test for other regions of the HLA genes? And much more… Read More >

Recent advances in DNA sequencing technologies, so-called Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), have brought breakthroughs in deciphering the genetic information in all living species at a large scale and at an affordable level.

By introducing DNA barcode (index) sequences multiplexing samples from hundreds of individual became possible for genotyping certain genomic regions faster and cheaper with higher resolution.

Here we present Histogenetics’s experience and accomplishments in applying NGS for large-scale high resolution HLA typing. Histogenetics had established Sanger capillary technology in 2006 for large volume DNA-based sequencing typing and more than 3.8 million samples were typed with that technique.

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