2019 Plant and Animal Sciences
SMRT Grant Program

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Be Bold — Sequence with Confidence

With Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) Sequencing you can explore even the most complex genomes with confidence. A reference-quality genome and phased haplotypes will help you uncover new insights and propel your science.

Sequence Any Plant or Animal on the Tree of Life
Enter to win free SMRT Sequencing to explore your genome of interest

Show us in 90 seconds or less, how a high-quality genome will advance your science for a chance to win library construction, SMRT Sequencing, and bioinformatics analysis.

Submit your video abstract between February 1 and February 22, 2019

Five finalists will be selected from all qualified submissions and voted on by the public to choose a winner.

Learn more at pacb.com/smrt-science/smrt-grant/2019-plant-and-animal-sciences-smrt-grant-program

SMRT Grant Co-Sponsored by PacBio and Histogenetics

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Whole genome sequencing using PacBio Sequel

Whole genome optical mapping using Bionano Saphyr

Certified service provider on Pacbio Sequel and Bionano Saphyr platforms

HistoGenetics provides a suite of tissue-typing services with the highest level of quality assurance and accelerated turnaround times. Our prices are competitive and we can handle any volume.

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    Project Type
    Please chose desired genes from the list below. LEARN ABOUT RESOLUTION OPTIONS →
    Classical HLA
     ABCDRB1DRB345DQA1DQB1DPA1DPB1 1x2x3x4x8x       
    Turnaround Time
    Non Classical HLA (Research Purpose Only)
    Killer-cell Inhibitory Receptor(KIR)
    Molecular ABO Rh typing (Research Purpose Only)
    Note : Our Molecular testing for ABO Rh serotype prediction is based on an algorithm that we developed for known Serotype of 1000 Caucasian individuals using ABO Exon 2, Exon 6 & Exon 7 and RH Exon 4, Exon 5, Exon 7 and Exon 9 sequence motifs determined by NGS.
    We had 100% concordance in that study. Our algorithm was further validated with several thousands of other samples.
    There could be variations outside of the regions that we are sequencing that could cause changes to ABO and Rh – serotype. Occasionally we see discrepancy between the serotype and our prediction based on NGS, especially in non-Caucasian individuals. However, the serology reagents that are developed for Caucasian individuals may also have discrepant results in non-Caucasian individuals. Therefore ABO/RhD typing by molecular methods is to be used only for the purpose of presumptively listing the predicted ABO/RhD phenotype on the Registry. The Registry listing of ABO/Rh may only be used as a predictive value and may not be used as one of two required tests performed by an FDA or CMS approved method. Our Laboratory policy states that ABO/RhD typing by molecular methods must not be used for clinical purposes.
    Other Tests (Research Purpose Only)
    Other Tests